Wrigley Confectionery, Year in Review

2016 a sweet tooth's guide into the year.


What more can be done within the incredible world of a candy factory? This very special book holds it all but unfortunately not all can be shared. The experience of working with the Sensory + Design Team at Wrigley has been exceptional and who would’ve known it’s ran in such a conspicuous building. I collaborated with several teams to collect project briefs which helped create the visuals for the book. Big thank you to Chris Cunningham for allowing me the freedom of exploration and helping keep the project organized with a tight 3 month deadline. The book holds strategy, research, infographics, graphs, charts, and diagrams all of which I designed for to maintain cohesion. 2016 Year in Review informs company leaders of capabilities and possibilities.

Role: Type, Graphic Designer, Art Director
Creative Director: Chris Cunningham
Editor: Caroline Lubbers
Case Study 3D Render: Steve Abueva
Production: Mike Ciccarello & Jinhee Na
Filled Under: design, type, art-direction